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Advances in patient interventions: How to manage complexity

Patient adherence programs are continually searching for more cost-effective interventions that improve clinical outcomes. Tactics have expanded beyond outreach by phone call to digital channels including emails and SMS text messages. In a trial of ...

“Adherence Intelligence” is the new AI

How recognizing the unique characteristics of each patient optimizes resources and maximizes impact Medication non-adherence is an age-old problem that pharmaceutical companies have been grappling with for decades. According to industry ...

Two recent studies show smart pill bottles have positive impact

Small study demonstrates smart pill bottles can improve adherence interventions for cancer patients A smart pill bottle platform improved adherence and patient satisfaction among a small sample of multiple myeloma patients, according to a paper in ...

Special report: behavioral marketing trends for pharma brands

Produced by MM+M and sponsored by AllazoHealth, this free special report offers a deep dive into how recent innovations in behavioral marketing and economics empower pharma marketers. You’ll learn about how behavioral insights shape strategy and ...

Election 2020: The impact on medication adherence

This year’s election could have a major effect on adherence rates. Here are some possible changes in healthcare policy that could be enacted under Trump or Biden, and the impact on adherence. Revocation of the ACA