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Special report: behavioral marketing trends for pharma brands

Produced by MM+M and sponsored by AllazoHealth, this free special report offers a deep dive into how recent innovations in behavioral marketing and economics empower pharma marketers. You’ll learn about how behavioral insights shape strategy and ...

Case study: Leading pharma brand achieves 4.6x increased days on therapy

Overcoming an adherence challenge This case study shows how a leading pharmaceutical company used AI to optimize engagement in their patient support program. The program saw 15 additional days on therapy compared to non-AI targeting, as well as 5 ...

4 keys to a successful medication adherence program

With medication non-adherence costing the industry more than $600 billion a year, many pharmaceutical companies are creating medication adherence programs, often in conjunction with pharmacists and payers.

AI-optimized pharma patient support program drives adherence

A leading pharmaceutical company engaged AllazoHealth on a multi-year project using artificial intelligence to optimize a patient support program for a major product.