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How a.i. is optimizing medication synchronization

When patients have multiple prescriptions, especially for long-term conditions, refill dates often are not aligned and create barriers to adherence. So, pharmacies have been integrating medication synchronization programs into their workflow. ...

Payer quality ratings: 7 best practices

Are you responsible for improving your plan’s quality ratings? Learn how to improve your performance on Star and other quality measures. Download our deck and get specific advice for payers on: The influence of population mix on performance Which ...

Can copay assistance increase adherence?

Besides being a financial issue for pharmaceutical companies, unfilled prescriptions can lead to poorer health outcomes, drive up overall cost of care, and can have an impact on provider performance under value-based payment models.

COVID-19: Surveys show payers intensifying patient outreach

What do payers consider as they grapple with the medication access and adherence needs of at-risk patients during the Covid-19 pandemic? Experts at McMann Managed Markets and Syneos Health surveyed their proprietary payer advisory boards to find out.

Artificial intelligence study demonstrates a 52% uplift in patient adherence indicators

  AllazoHealth, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help enterprise healthcare companies improve medication adherence and quality outcomes, has released a new study demonstrating the impact of AI on patient adherence indicators. The ...