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AllazoHealth names pharmaceutical industry analytics expert Mark Degatano to advisory board

AllazoHealth, a company that uses artificial intelligence to help pharmaceuticals, payers, and pharmacies improve medication adherence and quality outcomes, announced today that pharmaceutical industry veteran Mark Degatano will be joining the ...

Trending: COVID-19 accelerates healthcare tech

Chronic disease patients benefit from telehealth pilot With COVID-19 closing physicians’ offices and preventing patients from in-person appointments, healthcare organizations have substantially increased use of telehealth. One group of patients that ...

How new patient data rules benefit payers

Starting next year payers may have new opportunities to collect real world data that was previously fragmented, incomplete and in some cases unavailable.

Dispelling the myths of artificial intelligence in healthcare

As common as artificial intelligence has become in our daily lives — from Google’s Alexa, to Facebook’s data-driven ads, to Waze’s application of driver data to find the best route — it is little understood. The public tends to believe that AI ...

Healthcare AI: Why defining constraints upfront is critical

AllazoHealth COO William Grambley explains in this article: “You need to be explicit about AI program constraints upfront. Otherwise you can get to unintended consequences.”